for the win

Last week I was lucky enough to win two tickets to Heide's Pick and Eat Winter Harvest Lunch. This was terribly exciting as it's like the perfect present for me! I love Heide and I love eating out and I don't get to do either as often as I'd like. We were all give baskets and instructed to pick from Sunday's lovely garden up at Heide 1 - what a treat! Above is me getting some lemon thyme.

Here is my beloved looking for potatoes (he and head gardener Dougal got on like a house on fire!)

Here is Dougal (doesn't he look like a gardener?) getting ready to eat our harvest. Actually they cheated in the kitchen and picked everything the day before. We got all our veges in a gift bag instead.

One of the chefs popped out to tell us about the daube of beef method (10 hours in the oven at 80c) and we all felt rather special!

We were also given free entry into the Callum Morton show which was just amazing. Mind you I was so content after lunch everything seemed amazing for a few hours. I do like winning prizes. RAMONA

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librarygirl said...

I love Heide - and that Callum Morton show was a sensation ( I was looking around for the little lost child calling "help me...." )