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I am such a sucker for mail. I think I do my grocery shopping online just to have something delivered to the door. I get all my craft supplies, magazines, food, fabric - everything delivered. I even bought a book from the Brunswick St Bookstore last month and got them to mail it. It's literally 5 minutes away by car. But no, I prefer to pay postage so it will be delivered. this is a weird quirk I admit, it feels like getting a present!

Many years ago I was a card carrying member of the Rowan Yarns international club, which meant I got the magazine early as well as extra bits and bobs - it was ridiculously expensive I must admit and I let it drop after a year or two. It really was some of the nicest mail I've ever had. I struggle with knitting, I love it but I never seem to improve. Perhaps it is my terrible left handedness or my short attention span that does me in?

I was very excited when my Beloveds mum who lives in the beautiful English town of Bury St Edmund noticed her local knitting shop had some Rowan books and yarn on sale.  I was even more excited when it all arrived by post yesterday!Despite not being a knitter herself she managed to buy a beautiful book and enough cotton yarn to knit 3 or 4 items.

I have enough to make Thom a stripey jumper and a cow. He's very keen on the funny birds too, we'll see. I am a terribly slow slow knitter so he may see these sometime next spring - and when I say next spring I mean 2012!

In return for this treasure I will hand write a thank you note, because everyone loves mail - especially with international stamps on it! RAMONA

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