EXCURSION OF THE WEEK (well last month actually)

blow it

I'd almost forgotten to tell you about my trip to Canberra Glassworks! We almost didn't go because quite frankly even I can get a bit of craft/art/design fatigue. We were on our way to Silo Bakery in Kingston (a slice of Melbourne in the ACT) to get some lunch when we passed it and on a whim took a hard left to tick it off our list.

And I'm so glad we did because it was a real highlight of the trip. I've been thinking about this craft quite a bit recently. With the closure of Monash Glass dept I wondered if it was on its way out. Its incredibly labour intensive, highly skilled, dangerous difficult work.

Canberra has always had a strong glass community because of its great university course up there- but this place really seals the deal. It's amazing! House in an old power station, this state of the art facility allows visitors to watch the process from viewing decks - and we were absolutely transfixed. Sadly our budget meant we couldn't take a souvenir of the visit - and we missed out on a table at Silo too. Totally worth it. RAMONA

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