gifts and acquisitions

Thought I might share a few objects that have come into my life that I am enjoying. The above is a gorgeous cup by ceramic artist/superstar Bridget Bodenham which is way too pretty for coffee and lives on my bedside table full of blooms from Thom's garden (my two year old is a better gardener than I am).

The next is this very architectural honeycomb bangle my Canberra based designer Chris Hardy. Chris actually has a chair in my show up there and it was the perfect souvenir of my capital design experience.

The above is a good look at the back of a gorgeous brooch by jeweller Elfrun Lach. I'm a big fan of the backs of things - and this clasp is pretty spectacular. The brooch is a beautiful rich red and am amazing shape, it's more like wearing a sculpture.

The above is a pencil box I made for the Interns birthday next week. It will be full of goodies by then but I wanted to show you the papers which I love. I got my box from Bunnings for $8 (everyone will be getting one of these at Christmas I think). The paper is by an American company called Basic Grey who are just amazing. For $1 a sheet it's a pretty economical craft! The birthday girl has got her eye on those Elfrun Lach earrings. She should be so lucky... RAMONA


librarygirl said...

Am stealing that pencil box concept for Christmas presents!

daisy said...

yeah me too!