Well you all know that we are totally obsessed with Christmas at HML. I'm using the royal we here because Becks Christmas spirit doesn't rise until October whereas I am the ghost of Christmas past present and future! I have started making some decorations - just some little papery, woody, ribbony, glittery things for the kids trees.

I did them before I knew how to do that pinwheel concertina trick so they may be rejigged while I'm watching telly.

I also made a wheat bag for my lovely pal J who turned an unmentionable age last week. I didn't have time to do anything fancy but I copied Beck's cloud running stitch idea - they say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!

I am a secret fan of the hobby that shall not speak it's name (i.e scrapbooking) and have been making little mini albums of Thom, to his delight. He loves the idea of books starring himself - so vain! And as much as they all poo poo my little hobby, there have been rumblings amongst other members in the family as to why I haven't dedicated a project to them.

There is something so satisfying about crafting in winter. Maybe its the accompanying pots of tea, the good smells coming out of the kitchen and the cosy quietness of it all. Needless to say I love Christmas in July! RAMONA

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Anonymous said...

Clearly it's contagious... I've already hauled out my Christmas edition mags, sent you a Christmas crafts link and started my own list and I haven't even finished my first coffee... Bugger october, Go Christmas in July!