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Well if you are anything like me you are suffering from festival overload, between the design festival, the film festival and the Gertrude St projection festival we are all a little more festive than usual. So I'm not going to tell you all about Craft Cubed (Craft Victoria's Festivus for the Rest of Us) just yet. Let's just say it is the jam filled doughnut of festivals and leave it at that for now.

Despite not officially starting for a couple of weeks there is an early bit of hot sauce from the program opening this week at Pieces of Eight gallery. Director and curator Melanie Katsalidis has brought together jewellers who began their creative practices as interior designers - hence the downsizing. How do you go from creating an environment to an object?
We are seeing more and more interdisciplinary practice, which is a great thing. It blurs the lines between craft and design, it gives people multiple income streams that don't include selling your soul to devil, and it injects new life and energy into what can sometimes be a closed shop. It will be interesting to see how these designers compress their ideas into the miniature and wearable. RAMONA

image 1 Suzi Zutic
image 2 Kim Victoria Wearne
image 3 Katrina Tyler

28 Russell Place
Melbourne City

Downsizing July 26- September 3

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