northern exposure

It's that time of year again when our own main strip turns on it's 24/7 street art exhibition High Views part of the annual Northern Exposure festval. Over the past few years we've seen some excellent window installations and discovered some great new arteests.

However this year the peeps have really outdone themselves and come up with some crackers. From the pinhole camera project at Palomino to hml fave I and the Others fennec foxes at souk to the soft sculpture and sock monkey balloon excursions by Jade Barrow, Tovah Stephenson & Kree Harrison at Westpac bank there are some really beautiful ( and lets be honest) some really quite crazy moments.
I have to say that aside from the fFxes and nutty fluoro stylings at Disco Beans I'm most particularly taken with Chicago-based Mark Booth and Melbourne-based Michael Graeve's The speed of the word sound. The sound of the word speed at light projects...think exhibition speace as artistic laboratory with an explosion of teak turntables and super styling multi coloured wall stripes -three of my all time favourite things!

It's not on for long so do yourself the proverbial favour have a wander up and down high street on your way to pick up your favourite brew and check out the best of the fest. BECK

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