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Mightily inspired by Ramona's beautiful wooden bunting (see left) I finally set out to do some nursery decorating for Finn. Yes I know he's nearly a month old (well 28 days today) but with all the last minute 'difficulties' and leaving work waaaaay to late the important nesting got left by the wayside and poor Finn (well really me) had to make do with a sleeping space that boasted nothing but the bare neccessities. So yesterday I pulled out my stash of paint chips and got to work on a project i'd been meaning to do for well around six months.

I love colour blocking and collage so sitting with loads of paint chips and a pair of scissors is pretty much my idea of heaven, of course I knew I wanted to whip up a couple of rows of miniture bunting but I couldnt help myself and soon started making colour wheels and pictures using the triangles - it may have delayed the process a little but it has left me with a whole raft of new ideas for stuff to make while Finn is still in the wonderful 'football' stage - ie. wrapped up tight and sleeping like a baby kebab.

First up I made a single row for above his bassinet in our room as I thought the Ikea cloud cover (while completely dreamy) could do with a little colour customising to spark it up a bit.

Then came the loooong double row for above his nursery 'big bed' and yes we've gone with the clouds again. I chose colours to match the super cool but completely crazy zigzag rainbow crochet blanket his 'old nanna' made for Master Maxwell which is now doing it's second run with Finian.  

Overall i'm pretty happy with how the bunting turned out, its bright and cheery and a ties all the random colours i've assimilated from op shop finds and hand me downs together nicely. And you have to love a craft project that costs nothing but a half hour of your time - something i'm quite sure the 'tummy time' quilt that's next on the list WON'T be. BECK


Emma said...

J'ADORE LE PAINTSWATCH! A great project for the time-poor, do tell, did you attach them with blutack or double sided tape? Hoping to catch up with you soon, maybe over the next 2 weeks, Mr Leo is on school hols, lemme know xxx

librarygirl said...

Wow, that looks really lovely.
I do love bunting. You are clever.