paper party

Just about the only downside to having Finn has been missing out on the Beci Orpin workshops at Harvest textiles. Really she's a bit of a hero of mine... totally a "what i'd like to be when i grow up" kind of craft crush i've had on her like forever. Thankfully both Beci and the lovely ladies at harvest have been blogging regularly so I haven't felt like i've totally missed out, in fact it's been really inspiring to see what's been happening... Hence my own little private paper workshop this week at home. 

So by hook or by crook i'll be making my way to the closing party of her residency this Sunday at the harvest workroom to make sure I make the most of the final hurrah of her pop up shop and snaffle some goodies before they dissappear. See you there. BECK

Closing Party 1-4pm
Sunday July 3
Harvest Workroom
512 Lygon Street, East Brunswick.

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