you're so special

Could this year be moving any faster? We have time/space continuum whiplash at HML and we know we're not alone.With the solstice behind us the days are going to finally inch longer which is just as well - winter and small children is a bad combination. Rainy day activities are great for 10 minutes - but what about the other 11 hours and 50 minutes they are awake? I guess we could get on tram and see Tai Snaith's new show at Helen Gory Galerie. Looks kind of amazing actually.

Snaith asked a bunch of writers what their most treasured possession was and then illustrated the answers. Neat idea. Makes us think how we'd answer that question. At the moment it would be my giant bucket-of-coffee mug that I couldn't live without on these chilly mornings.Tai Snaith is right when she says 'The best things in life aren't things' but they aren't all bad either. RAMONA

the best things in life aren't things
June 29 - July 23
Helen Gory Galerie
25 St Edmonds Rd

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