little boxes

A trip to Canberra is incomplete without a visit to Craft ACT. With such a strong craft scene there, you are guaranteed to see something great. I'm always curious to check out what is in their shop and how they choose to display it. They have a relatively small space but have gone for a very bold black wall with floating shelves which is an interesting way to frame product.

I saw these gorgeous Bev Hogg beakers last time but I noticed on this visit they seem to be everywhere (including the National Gallery which is great) but because they come in such a variety of colorways they looked fresh every time I saw them.

Pears are a really strong motif in Canberra. There is a gorgeous collection of giant bronze pears out the front of the gallery and canberra has sort of adopted the pear as a craft logo - so Melbourne has its woodland creatures and Canberra has fruit!

I particularly loved the beautiful plaster box installation by Diedre Pearce in the front cabinets. There was something dreamy about the winter light dancing over the white cubes - a lot like the city itself. RAMONA

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