Craft ACT

My trip to Canberra was pretty wet and windy. Crazy weather did not make for the easiest of gallery tours on Saturday. Of course we had to brave the rain to get to Craft ACT. Their new shop space is spartan but full of the most beautiful local work. My favorite was the ceramic paper cups by Bev Hogg. We've all seen this sort of thing before but her citrusy colorways felt fresh to me and sitting all together they looked like a Pantone dream.

Ceramics are obviously pretty strong in Canberra. I thought that Debra Boyd-Goggin's work in the gallery space was really gutsy and delicious.

I was very impressed with the curated cabinets out the front that had a group show of miniature craft and design objects. I was disappointed this Peter Bollington chair that was the size of my thumb had a red sticker on it!

My favorite craft object of the weekend as actually found at the Museum of Australia. A small stuffed pig toy from 1946. These very austere toys are all the rage at the moment. Can't you see this resting on some design festival trestle table or on a little bed in Vogue Living?

Of course we had to stop off for baby chinos at every cafe in town. You can take the baby out of Melbourne but you can't take the Melbourne out of the baby.

Tomorrow I'll give you a peak inside the Gallery of Australian Design and show you the amazing glass work of Wendy Fairclough.  In the meantime I have 30 loads of washing to do. RAMONA


librarygirl said...

That pig is quite compelling - might try to make one - good beginner project...
Cute boy having his chino even sweeter!

The Shopping Sherpa said...

Thanks for the positive mention of my show Call of the Small at Craft ACT. Pete may be able to make another chair for you if you ask nicely...