Ya gotta see the baby!

Cannot believe I have only seen Beck and Baby once since he arrived! Illness and exhibition interfered with the best laid plans but with clear skies ahead this week I'll be delivering this wooden bunting for the nursery.

Cool blues one side, spicy oranges the other depending on his mood. May the bunting craze last a little longer because it makes us happy.

I also decorated this ribbon storage box for Beck (I didn't finish the Dr Who scarf on time of course)

It seems like a weird present for a new mum but I enjoyed making it for her regardless. Best friends are very forgiving when it comes to dumb gifts. Maybe she can store baby wipes in there instead? RAMONA

1 comment:

Beck said...

I love them
Especially the crazy ribbon holder
Looking forward to making something from the rainbow of ribbon that came with same AND stringing up bunting