the hand of fate

Have you been to see the Pieces of Fate show at Pieces of Eight Gallery yet? It seems to be getting tonnes of great press and the vibe out there is that this is a pretty outstanding collection of pendants. Apparently Professor Robert Baines of RMIT coined the phrase 'Pieces of Fate ' to describe how jewellery can be imbued with power by the maker and wearer alike.

37 of Pieces of Eight's represented artists have created modern day talismans that we are sure will speak very directly to the 'rightful' owner of each pieces. I'm very keen on this gorgeous Dougal Haslem piece and the Tim Fleming pendant above that is just too cool.

But I have to say it is impossible to resist this extraordinary piece by Pennie Jagiello. Pennie is actually a bit of a genius and we hope that she's back in the full swing of making stuff again - isn't her work just incredible? RAMONA

Pieces of Fate
Pieces of Eight Gallery
28 Russell Place
Melbourne City

show runs til July 2
we nicked these images from the Pieces of Eight blog

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Kirti said...

HI Ramona how lovely to find your blog! When I finish my exams I will be back to peruse!