This Sunday we'll be heading into town for the latest installment of the MarkIT market at Fed Square. Last Markit Ramona and her crew bought up big on a range of most excellent pieces, some of which I'm happy to say ended up in my Christmas presents (thanks Maggie!). This time round there's a long list of super cool and super talented makers with equally awesome goodies - if you don't believe me just check out the list here.

beci orpin bear

I'll be hoping to pick up another Dawn Tan illustration (or two) for the kitchen nook, one of the new Beci Orpin bear mobiles for the maxmonsters room, another kinteic mobile from the lovely Anke Kindle of I Design Things for the soon to be released widget's nursery, a tea-towel or two from the lovely ladies of Harvest as a present for my mum who's in for some serious babysitting over the next month or so and definately some post delivery Boniko organic cotton tabi toe tights for me. And that's just what I KNOW i'm going there to get... God knows what other bits i'll be tempted to fill my bags with given the list of makers and the fact that it's probably going to be my last shopping spree for some time!

here's Dawn hard at work down at Obus
While in the city i'll also be scooting down to the Obus store in Flinders Lane to check out Dawn Tan's plant paintings (which launched last night) starring as the second installment of Obus' Wall Project series. Having avidly watched the progress on Dawn's Blog I really want to get down there and see it all in person.

Of course the lure of hitting to eat a mushroom and tallegio crepe or seven at my favourite creperie while i'm in the vicinity is pure co-incidence. BECK

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