In the days following the devastating 11 March 2011 earthquake and tsunami in Japan, Super fantastic Brisbane based ceramicist and I Make Stuff alumni Kenji Uranishi and his lovely wife Sonia turned their feelings of grief and helplessness into positive action (now there's a lesson we can all follow), sending out a call to their network of artist friends and colleagues for help. As a result they have managed to organise an online ebay charity art auction running from the 7 - 10 April with all net proceeds going to the Red Cross Japan and Pacific Disaster Appeal. As you would expect there are some fantastic ceramic pieces on offer but also works in other media, including two fabulous etchings from HML favourite Vipoo Srivalasa. We couldn't encourage you all more to get on board and support them both in this venture. Check out the album of works on offer here at I heART Japan , or check out their facebook page. Here's some of our favourtie pieces on offer.

set of dishes by Kylie Johnson

tea bowls by Mel Robson

tray by Anna Davern

house works by Keiko Matsui

We heart this project and the Uranishi's big time. xx BECK

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Ramona said...

Mel Robson - she be genius