While Ramona was enjoying the many delights of Finders Keepers, I was meandering my way through my own 'Koala' market experience in steamy Hervey Bay. While the rain might have kept a number of the regular local craft crazies away (there's usually a LOT more tie-dye, dodgy cake-style decorated soap and crochet top tea towels on offer) I did manage to hit the proverbial motherload with this stand.

The stand itself was ENORMOUS! Taking up an entire corner of the market it showcased pretty much every childhood interest from old school to new - she's even still cranking out blinky bill amongst the iggle piggles and bob the builders. Amazing skill level, horrible amount of acrylic yarn. Unfortunately the woman responsible was off duty while I took these, otherwise I would have taken the opportunity to not only loved congratulate her but to find out more about what drives someone to create hand knitted critters on this scale.
This collection of  Harry Potter folk was (dare I say it) absolutely wizard!

However the winners for mine were this multi media 'footy tv toppers', no really people that's what they were marketed as. Although I was left wondering  if the little one in the back right might have been a self portrait?

GO QLD! Beck

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victoria said...

Awww, it's a completely perfect collection of knitted wonders.