a new Dawn

Beck and I are very excited about this weekends very special Dawn Tan pop up hop at Harvest Textiles. Dawn has been an artist in residence there this past month, holding watercolour classes for small and big peeps and generally being a creative dynamo (is there nothing this amazing gal can't do?)

Rumour has it there will be gorgeous art prints, tea towels,recipe cards,aprons and totes for sale. With the proceeds of an especially delicious red print tea towel going to the Red Cross Japan fund.

It's open on Saturday and Sunday between 10-5. It will give everyone a chance to check out the workroom. Who knows, you may be inspired to sign up for one of their fab courses. Beck loved it last year. The Harvest gals promised that could even make a screen printer out of me given half the chance! RAMONA

Harvest Textiles is at 512 Lygon Street East Brunswick.

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beck said...

oh my gawd this is gonna be good!