Small Pieces

On my gallery walk last weekend I made a big effort to finally get to Pan Gallery at the new Northcote Pottery location (no longer in Northcote unfortunately). I thought I'd share some images for those of you that haven't been there yet and are curious. Anywhere you can buy contemporary Australian ceramics should be on the must see list. I have never seen a cleaner more organised shop front in my life! You glide through the supplies on polished concrete to the gallery space at the back.

I'd gone to see the Forming Words exhibition and was very taken with this Beauty Pageant vessel by Wendy Hatfield Witt.

The retail space is at the front entrance and is full of little treasures - all of which are very affordable and would make perfect gifts (hint hint).

It's a little makeshift and random but there are some great objects, some of which I hadn't seen anywhere else.

I have no idea who makes these crazy little ducks but I am quite obsessed with them.

Very fond of these Ingrid Tufts tumblers. Ingrid is just the hottest maker in town at the moment and I know why. Her work is clever, well made, and totally usable.

The best way to get there is to go up Nicholson Street coming from the city and then to turn right  at Weston Street (as opposed to left which is what I did). Once you've found it you'll never let it go, a little treasure in Brunswick - not Northcote. RAMONA


librarygirl said...

thanks for posting this!
how lovely it looks. Will put it on my list for "Autumn outings".

Funny that it's in Bruns. now.

smallpieces said...

Thanks for the visit & nice comments - the ducks are by Darren McGinn.