Found and Kept

The Bon Scotts
Ok so everyone knows it was Finders Keepers on the weekend so I thought I'd join in with my own little recap. While Beck was sunning herself in QLD on a much needed pre bub #2 holiday I was playing shop with the fantastic Miss Pen Pen of Cottage Industry. I did get a chance to sneak away and have the best tacos ever and rock out to some piano accordian at the same time.

I had a a Portlandia moment when I bought a gorgeous bird illustration by Meredith Forrester

And it was great to see the fabulous Betty Jo Designs table full of Lino treasure goodness. So consistently good, well made, original (avoid rip offs people)

Market stalwart Matt was selling old skool style - "Matt of Matts Bags"

I spent a days pay on this lovely wooden tram for the Womble. Shh don't tell him, we are trying to save it for his birthday! Finders Keepers is an interesting market, straddling that world between the handmade and the mass produced. I wonder if they can keep up the nice vibe for future markets as they grow. All I know is, I'm following that taco truck wherever it goes! RAMONA

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