Rock and Roll

Madeline Kidd
The ladies of HML have been know to string some macaroni on occasion (our mothers and our children can attest to this) we've also been know to dabble and noodle with paintbrushes and pens. So you can imaigine our interest in the new show Rock Solid at Pieces of Eight.

Anna Ephraim
Curator Merdith Turnbull has asked 11 established visual artists to create work that could be worn on the body. Jewelry isn't quite the word we'd use in some instances but the exploration of adornment by this creative group is really interesting and very playful.

Dylan Martorell

HML fave Dylan Martorell has taken the whole 'rock' thing quite literally which we think is hilarious and cool.

Bianca Hester
 And how great is this modern interpretation/hybrid of the charm bracelet/swiss army knife by Bianca Hester?
Rock Solid runs until May 27 - ages away, we may remind you again before it closes! RAMONA

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Tam said...

what a fun show