beachside booty

Unlike my friends (yes i'm talking about you Miss Pen) I am hopeless at sending postcards while holidaying. Even if I manage to actually buy the things I end up either posting them on the way to the airport or once i've actually got home. It's not that I intend to be so disorganised, it just seems to work out that way, so apologies up front to all my nearest and dearest for not managing to send you some dodgy tanned backside queensland postcard action during my sabbatical up north last week. It doesn't mean I don't love youse.
Similarly I don't seem to manage to post anything while away - that however can be explained by a combination of lack of access to both computer and decent wi-fi! I am glad that this time I did manage to get the knitwit market post out only a day after arriving home (and one week after having been to said market) and in the spirit of getting the rest of is photographic evidence of my trip full of sunny skies, sandy shores and a stack of op shop booty gathered in an afternoon raid across Hervey Bay's finest here's the best of the rest. Better late than never...

my first win, an excellent strawberry crochet tea cosy

genius folk tile cheeseboard complete with fully functional knife magnet
excellent Nederlander cotton scarf featuring windmills and 'dolfinarium' border print

fabulous orange 70's geo print pyrex platter

two little stoneware oven dishes perfect for baked eggs

fiji tourist tablecloth, unused, but no longer unloved

completely brilliant teak carved fish platter

Japanese side plate with pacific print from the same op-shop where I snaffled the fiji tablecloth and fish platter

and in the last five minutes of the day, literally running around the shop as the ladies ditched the lights I found this fabulous polka dot pyrex bowl. Crumblicious!
I only wish I hadn't had to fill the suitacase with Maxwell's bloody Thomas trains or I would have picked up even more. Still I can't complain this is a pretty good haul for a measly couple of hours work. BECK


Lyndel said...

oh thank you, I would rather see all that 'booty' than yet another p/card of WATER.♥

Ramona said...

hubba hubba, what glorious finds.I'm coveting the spotty pyrex!

shula said...

The fish platter?

She is awesome.

Varia Karipoff said...

was wondering if you'd be able to point me in the right direction - my partner is curating a show and is looking for a textile/knitting artist who could do an installation... ?? it's supposed to be a sort of dark/contemporary twist on craft and it's for first site gallery in melbourne xx


Varia we have a couple of ideas - can we email you? Email us your details at


librarygirl said...

oooh lovely stuff, what a great couple of hours!