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Well we made it through January. Such a weird nebulous month. We always feel that the year starts properly by February. People trickle back from coast and country, makers return to benches and kilns, galleries install new shows to inspire us all. Which is exactly what's happening this week with Pieces of Eights first exhibition of the year Dougal Haslem's The Turtle and The Merman

As you can tell by these images the show has a lot of whimsy to it but rest assured Haslem is no slouch as a maker. a masters in gold and silver smithing at RMIT and an acute eye for detail undercut the cutesy aspect of the work. 

I do have to admit there is an almost overwhelming desire to see if this turtle winds up and scurries across the floor. Show opens Feb 1 and there is a floor talk Feb 9 - more info at Pieces of Eight. RAMONA

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Emma said...

We have been excited about this one too, went to see it today.
My only gripe is that the Pieces of 8 cabinets are so darn high I have to carry not one, but two kids, so that they can see the wares.
Fabulous wares though!