when neighbours become good friends

It's a funny thing. When do you decide it's appropriate to hand make gifts for people? Over the last couple of years, since the arrival of the womble we've noticed our lovely neighbours have been so thoughtful with Christmas and birthdays that I decided it was now overdue for their two fabulous gals who have birthdays only a day (and a few years) apart to receive something handmade

My 2011 obsession with stamping continues and I had some pretty yo yos lying around which I thought were pretty on a little collection of notebooks for the first week at school lady

Miss 3 year old got a sweet little dolly quilt and cushion which was very dodgy between you and me - I'm not the most mathematical creature and hope she doesn't have too critical an eye!

The Womble was very excited to deliver the packages, and to be honest with you so was I! An outstanding tradition has begun. love it.  RAMONA

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