It was that kind of day. Last year's invasion day bbq was sunny, hot and full of the sound of willow on willow as we enjoyed a massive klopathon in the backyard. This year however dawned grey and cool so it was ALL about the food. And there was a lot to keep us occupied. The menu included: mint and ginger punch, grilled haloumi, olive dip, roasted balsamic mushrooms, grilled asparagus, garlic and rosemary turkish bread, roast cauliflower, rocket, fetta and duhkah salad, apple, walnut and cos salad with a delicious yoghurt dressing, tomato, bocconcini and basil salad, green pea and haloumi fritters, butterflied lamb roast, spicy italian pork sausages, and chicken skewers cooked on the architects japanese import fold up hibachi.  And then there was cake.

I got so excited about tucking into my platefull of food that I couldn't even wait to get the camera into focus.

And apparently the sausages were so delicious that the womble even managed to pull James into the station in order to squeeze one in.

the Hagrid handed in-house primary teacher DJ even brought along an amazing selection of beers from around the world, which to quote him were "good and strong... burp".

Max of course held out for dessert... Miss P's famous Ginger Fluff Sponge and Shula's pomegranate topped version of Maggie B's now infamous chocolate pavlova. DELICIOUS. we all realised that by the time we'd managed to empty the groaning table full of food into our now groaning bellies it was well after 5 and there was no time for Klop.

Which was just as well because as it turns out, within minutes of getting home all of us were pretty much in the same position as Master Maxwell... completely unconcious on the couch. Top afternoon. BECK

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