It's no news to everyone that both ladies of HML absolutely love Christmas. In fact I am a bit of a Christmas bore- I think my new years resolution for 2011 should be to not mention it until October rather than July which is when I start my Christmas plans! Just received a surprise order for 12 wreathes and 24 bunches of fabric flowers so it's all systems go for work - but I prioritised this week and completed our family wreath first.

I've tried to include the womble in as much of the Xmas crafting as possible - he is still a bit bemused by the whole thing but has become an excellent glue and glitter man.

The wreathes I've been making for sale are very sweet hand painted stiffened calico in a pastel and neutral palette. None of that for me - its red and green glittery Christmas fabric all the way!

It was lovely to get it on the door by Dec 1. Our Christmas tree arrived too - but there is work to be done first! Better pull out the Christmas music cd drawer...RAMONA

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