No trip to Tokyo is complete for me without the purchase of at few japanese craft books - I have quite a collection that Ramona and I have dubbed "genki craft porn" that I love looking at but am yet to have a crack at the projects contained therein. On this trip I determined enough with the eye candy (well sort of) and hello to pattern books full of clothes I actually want to wear. Let's just say in the four books I collected I struck GOLD.
pattern for the best pants ever

the best kind of root vegetables

yes thanks ladies i'll have what you're having

to add to Ramona's mad christmas gift list
oh my mistake, actually these are the best pants ever

at last a louche look even old ladies can work

yes a button smock, stripey top, boots and headphones - heaven

bugger summer, here's my new autumn look

smiley face

button porn
mary ingles eat your heart out

perfect summer dress, hold the mary poppins references

half pint perfection

even bird flu can be fun!
I have been polishing up my pattern scaling skills in anticipation .Now I just need to work on my Kanji. EEK


Beck said...

ok so i'm a total sucker for the mori girl look - sue me.

Tam said...

oh and oh - when can I be japanese?

anna said...

Oh I'm jealous...this all looks so inspiring. Thank you for sharing!

Beck said...

Tam you could work any of those looks with ease!!!

shula said...

Okay, I MUST make ALL of these IMMEDIATELY.

All of them.