This week has seen the ladies of HML in a bit of a frenzy. In between work (and more work), getting ready for Craft Hatch next week and juggling the timetables of our two chaotic households we've been trying to finish some of our little gift projects. I've been making these fabric flower pins for a while so to make it more special I painted a box inspired by the carefully chosen fabric.

I tried to match them to the personalities of my friends - both very stylish girls but very different. I hope they like them!

I'm also heading to the coast this Sunday to give this wreath to the loveliest little seaside family we know. But first I have to do an afternoon shift in the Cottage - very exciting!

This is in fact where all the wreath madness started. The very first one I made was this little sweetie for Miss P. It will be nice to spend Saturday afternoon with it. Do you think I'm allowed to bring Christmas music? RAMONA

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