so much on!

We are really excited about the opening this week of the new Pieces of Eight store/gallery in the city. We are long time fans of director Melanie Katsalidis and her crew. It will be great to see this space finally open! 
300 Russell Place in the big smoke of Melbourne.

It's also no secret that the ladies of the HML have a crush on Megan Herring - director at Handheld gallery. What a weird locale, but what fantastic shows. We really think illustrator Chloe Vallance is top stuff as is jeweller Melissa Cameron  so we are looking forward to seeing their new work. 

And you can catch us at Craft Hatch at the City Library on Saturday - yes the ladies of HML have a stand. We'll be selling our Christmas cards, decorations, wreaths, badges and zines while catching up on all the gossip. Beck and I can only see each other now if we book a stall at a market! So crazy.

ps there is lots on - so more events tomorrow! RAMONA


librarygirl said...

Oh I wish I could come to city library on Sat but I'm working all day damnit. Next time.


bummer! we would have loved to seen you there Library Gal!