draw, cut, print, repeat...
Now I do have a BA in Textile Design, but its been a looooooooooooooong time since I was in a print room. A long time. And despite my many varied career deviations (street press maker, cafe owner, craft adviser and retailer) I have never really lost that hankering to make fabric. The fact that I moronically became a weave major during my degree instead of following my heart into printing has also needled like the proverbial side thorn for years. So. Last weekend I headed out to Harvest Textiles in Kensington to partake in a refresher course in silk screenery.

Presented with a jaw droppingly good view of the city through huge light filled windows and a print studio to die for I sighed to myself and realised I had come home to my happy place. The fact that I wassurrounded by equally happy people and being guided through the process by the lovely Lara Davies no doubt added to the positive vibes filling the room. I'd gone in with very set ideas about what I wanted to print, but we began the day drawing pictures of dried plants and seed pods, so my city landscape plans soon turned into some decidedly abstracted mid century botanicals. This actually turned out to be a great thing becuase to be honest I think it freed me up to play rather than commit to a pre-concieved design. Six hand cut stencils and a selection of pre mixed colours later, I set about printing, my body slowly remembering the motions of plonk, pull, lift, repeat.

Not all of the results were 'successful' but really, it was totally awesome to get a whole day to spend mucking about without interuptions from the architect and the maxmonster. And I think a couple of the things I finished up with were ok. Which was nice, because if it had been a complete disaster I may have had to curl up in the corner in shame after having outed my textile beginnings earlier on in the day. And to be honest I have to say that the competition was fierce - everyone's work was completely different and all of it was pretty amazing!

Here's me ignoring all advice (surprise, surprise) and pulling my own screen while looking ancient and haggered ... it had been a long long night with a sick boy the night before. Oh and  Emma I hope you don't mind my stealing your photo.

And here is everyone else hard at work at the long table... (again thanks Emma)

This Saturday we're back in the studio working on repeat patterns and printing a length of fabric. Of course today I ran out of time to go get some nice linen to print on, so I'll have to take a look through the fabric stash and see what I can come up with in the meantime. This may be the one occasion I am thankful that i've gotten around to bugger all sewing so far this year! Woo Hoo Bring on the weekend!!!


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Georgie Love said...

I saw these on facebook, but have to say you did STELLAR work there Beck! LOVE the designs!