outside the box
Craft Victoria launch their annual Craft Cubed Festival this week and even for those of us on the inside loop there seems to be a lot going on. This year the theme is Childhood and artists and makers have responded with objects and artwork that swings from the sublime to the mysterious.The ladies of HML are intrigued by the many satellite events that are going on. With staggered openings over the next month it's sure to be an invigorating time that will see us through 'til the end of winter. This week we'll be checking out two shows the first being at C3 Gallery at Abbotsford Convent (we know we plug this space all the time, but really what a dynamic roster of shows this space has had).

Drawing Number 1 brings together 6 artists using different media together to examine the mysteries of childhood -from imaginary friends, bad dreams and secret notes under the pillow. We'll be sure to wear our holly hobby pyjamas to this one.

Red Gallery in North Fitzroy is host to a new collaboration by artists Samantha Scott and Caroline Phillips. Scott uses materials like human hair and plant specimens to examine the difference between organic and non organic forms and Phillips uses industrial, prefab, and recycled materials to construct literally and deconstruct academically. We aren't sure what any of this has to do with Childhood but we are prepared to find out. An intrepid week for HML!!

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