You all know by now what massive fans of Anna Davern we are. So we're very happy that just as she leaves our shores for some an excellent european adventure a new group exhibition exploring featuring some of her most excellent works is opening. We're even happier that said show is open in one of our favourite little hole in the wall galleries. And that downstairs from said gallery is a dodgy asian food court. Triple threat no!
 Snip Slice Saw explores the fine art of cutting in paper and metal and includes works by Deborah Klien, Jennifer Bolhofner, Melissa Cameron, Deb McArdle, Lizzie Sampson, Christine Oakley, Kathy Fahey, Jake Burrell, Karah Sinden, Emma Grace, Tamara Dixon, Sarah Heyward, Anna Davern (as mentioned) and Penny Peckham. Be there, and while you're there try the lemon chicken, Ramona highly reccomends it.

Opening Thursday July 29 6-8pm
Hand Held Gallery
Suite 18, upstairs at the Paramount Arcade
108 Bourke Street, Melbourne, 3000


Julia Deville's new show Night’s Plutonian Shore borrows more than just it's name from Edgar Allen Poe's poem The Raven. This exhibition of embellished taxidermy actually features gloriously transformed Ravens wearing marcasite encrusted silver sparrow skulls amongst an arkload of bedazzled glamourous beasties including a delicately diamond and gold crowned gosling, a crystal encrusted piglet and a kitten-drawn funerary cart... genius.

Opening night Wednesday July 28 6-8pm
However it would seem that this is the hottest ticket in town and unless you've already RSVP'd don't think you'll be getting into the opening. It's already a sell out. Luckily the show runs until August 21, so you'll have plenty of time to get your fill of super glamour goth.
Sophie Gannon Gallery
2 Albert St, Richmond



Anonymous said...

That goose is amazing, the piglet divine. Are you both going to see them on the weekend?

Patricia said...

Went and saw this yesterday. My favourite is the chicken on a stool aka a Fiery fowl something something from The Raven :) As always from Julia, beautifully crafted and respectfully done.