a project, a parcel and a present...

The project addicted architect spotted a large cardboard box as part of the Craft Victoria pod display at Design Made Trade as we were lugging out and of course immediately thought "cubby house". So said box was quickly dismantled and packed into the back of the car and he's been working through his design ideas ever since. Last night he could resist no longer and managed to re-assemble, devise structurely sound door design, cut out door and engage in a little playtime with the boy inside. I'm off to print fabric with the lovely ladies of Harvest Textiles tomorrow, so the boys will be on their own all day, working on the cubby. Let's just say I won't be surprised if I come home to find a multi level cardboard duplex with underground parking when I return.

A while ago while perusing Gracia Haby's all too beautiful blog I happened to notice that she was asking advice on a new print project and giving away prizes to people willing to make suggestions... always happy to put my two bobs worth in I entered and to my absolute suprise and delight won the most amazing of moonlit tiger prints. This week said print arrived, impeccably wrapped, in a little post pak parcel on my desk at work. I am too too happy for words, not just because of the appropriateness of the print for an indiaphile like myself  (I love, love love it!) but because I have never, ever , despite years of trying, ever won anything before. Those of you green with envy may still be able to pick up one in Gracia and Louise's online shop. But be quick they'll no doubt be snapped up quick!

I love a belated birthday present, not just becuase it stretches out the birthday beyond the actual day, but because usually the late presents are the best. At the opening of Irene's Outre show I spotted a ceramic fez wearing tiki monkey cookie jar and went a little bananas, really could you tick more of my boxes in one object? Everyone else thought it was the ugliest thing in the joint but me, well I was in love.

Ramona cannily sneaked back without my knowing and snaffled out the monkey for my birthday present and here he is in living colour and all of his glossy hideousness. Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you Rambo, i'm beyond happy with your work, possible the best birthday present EVER. What a way to end the week!


sean the prawn said...

My kids love a good cubby house & so does my architect Hubby.

Beck said...

I don't know who is having more fun with it... The boy the husband or the dog?

librarygirl said...

love the cookie jar - very groovy!