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Two of our favourite local jewellers are exhibiting some fantastic new works at the moment, both of which share a common reference point - graphics and signs, that however is where the similarity ends, their output could not be more dissimilar. You just have to love the healthy diversity of Melbourne's comtemporary jewellery scene.

Looking Good
Here in Melbourne Linda Hughes' Metonymy – Look Both Ways continues her exploration of the graphic nature of road signs in her latest show at Craft Victoria. We have long been fans of her use of laminates, but were both blown away wtih the development in her work. In this new collection Linda explores the 'stripe', historically associated with danger, retrobates and attention seeking and applies it to the world of wearable sculpture. Sign and signifier in the same product - what could make us happier.

Metonomy - Look both Ways
Gallery 1, Craft Victoria
30 April – 12 June 2010

A Little Somethin' Somethin'
David Neale's Some and None at Adelaides Jam Factory - explores the idea of jewellery as graphic, and thereby positioning the body as the location for sign, story and drawing site."Borrowing from graphics, painting, collage and line-work, Neale makes signs for the body to tell wearable stories. Through the considered play of opposites such as flat vs deep, austere vs ostentatious, rough vs refined, previous vs poor, shiny vs sfumato, gravel vs gold and some vs none, each piece resolves into a striking graphic statement."

Really could he be more of a genius? We love David's work and given the budget would snap up everything he produces. I am constantly envious of Ramona's bird and branch brooch, even though I do have two pairs of his Dopplehanger series earrings - maybe I can ask for a last minute ticket to Adelaide for Mothers Day?

Some and None: Jewellery as Graphics
Gallery 2
Jam Factory, Adelaide S.A.
10 April - 16 May 2010


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