cut with the same cloth

This week seems to have been all about adding to the fabric hoard, virtually and in the real world. Now that I have a load of handprint and stitch projects on the go I could put off no longer my long overdue foray into the den of temptation - Tessuti Fabrics to pick up some linen - and hopefully not spend my weeks wages into the bargain.

When I saw this reversible check/spot printed Japanese cotton concoction I almost had coniptions! But I was on a mission, so I got back to the search for the perfect linen. That said I already have imagned a hundred different uses for the grey and mustard yellow ... but the buying of this will have to wait, at least until Monday next week.

Even confronted by the rolls and rolls and rolls of tempting textiles as you can see I did manage to find what I was looking for... and even managed to get out with only one random purchase. Ok make that two.

That's it in the middle of the pack below...a beautiful japanese geometric print on a self stripe cotton, and the pale lilac cotton was a remnant at 50% off that I couldn't say no to either. Only problem is the three of them look so great alongside each other I'm already thinking of new things I could make out of them together. Which probably means another trip back next week to pick up more of what I originally went in for.
Shame that.

Of course this came on the back of already lightening my bank account considerably (please don't be reading this Michael) at the last days sale at online fabric store Belsize Square. Everything on the books is around 30% off - so how could I resist these Lizzy House fabrics.

or these, I mean really, I'm only human.

Oh and I just found out Duck Cloth are have a 20% off sale at the moment for suscribers (lucky me) for the month of May AND Ramona and I are off to the Stitches and Craft Show tomorrow. So you can pretty much bet we'll be living on pasta and rice here at HML HQ for the next few weeks, or months depending on who else decides to have a fabric sale next!


dell said...

When I saw this reversible check/spot printed Japanese cotton concoction I almost had coniptions!

Ha, I did, and I went in the day after my show, and bought some. stripes one side, spots the other. I now have a reversible jacket.

shimmy shimmy cocopop said...

Beck, they have it at my local in teh shotengai...if you want some i can check out the price and snaffle it up for youse??? check/dot reverseable?

ps. I am dobbing you in to the M.

Beck said...

Awesome shimbo
that fabric shop is tops
but if you dob me in to the architect I'm comin to getcha
and you won't like what I'll be bringin!

Beck said...

I'll be introducing you to my friend PAIN

shimmy shimmy cocopop said...

i see your pain and i raise you AGONY

bring it on sista!!!!