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Well HML readers if you tune in tothe Grapevine on RRR this morning (102.7 fm) you'll hear the ladies of HML giving the lowdown on the Stitches and Craft Fair, the shows that are currently on at Craft Victoria and a little natter about iphone apps that can help your crafting. We thought we'd compile a little list of links here if you'd like more information about what we were talking about

The Stitches and Craft Show roundup:

Ink and Spindle
Craft Schmaft
Kristen Doran
Pear Tree Yarn

Exhibitions at Craft Victoria

Craft Victoria

Iphone Apps for crafters:

about easystitch
about  fabricstash
about knitbuddy

for those of you that missed out:
Beck and I have been talking about going to the stitches and craft show for years -it's terrible that we haven't been until now. We were mighty impressed with their re-branding and after people kept asking of we were going and/or participating we thought we'd take the time out to cross the river and head to Caulfield racecourse on Saturday to check it all out.
The theme this year was 'Make do and Mend' and we were pretty impressed with how they 'threaded' (pardon the pun) the theme throughout the show with different work stations where we could all try our hand at a bit of stitch and fix.As with any craft fair it was a strange mix of terribly good and wonderfully terrible (anyone that's told you bedazzling is dead is a liar!) We'll focus on the good things of which there were quite a few - we'll let you decide where this fab black panther tapestry sits on that spectrum!
We were thrilled to get a gander at the Ink and Spindle stand. I'm intending to make a quilt for my mums birthday in November out of their tamarillo range and sure enough they had one made up and on display. I've only attempted baby quilts up until now but it looked really simple and very chic (may need help mitre-ing the corners - I'm hopeless at that!). I bought a panel of the top fabric to stretch and embroider as the follow on Christmas gift.

Also there was the very very talent Kristen Doran - I love her stuff and it was terrific to meet her in person and to pick up a kit that is perfect for Beck's birthday (don't worry she already knows) We both love samplers and this preprinted one is ready for some stitching. A perfect birthday project!
I adored the colour palette at Pear Tree Yarn, their 8ply hanks were so soft against the skin. If I hadn't run out of money and have three knitting projects on the go already I would have indulged myself in some lovely pale green wool (obsessed with green at the moment).
We were both taken with the Craft Schmaft owly mobiles. Claire was just lovely and her kits are brilliant - beautifully packaged and very charming. You can get them at her Big Cartel shop here.
 What we learnt is that there are some fabulous local, ecologically sound, tasteful and talented suppliers out there. We are the first to swoon over Japanese craft books, American Amy Butler fabric and British Rowan yarn but increasingly we are discovering that its good to extend the eat local idea to craft local too. Better get busy as Beck's birthday is just around the corner...


Anonymous said...

Listened in and loved it. Thank you both for the tips. I will be heading over to pear tree yarn for my next knitting project.

Kristen Doran said...

Thanks so much for the mention on your blog! It was great to meet you both.
You think sending beck to Craft Smaft while you picked up her 'surprise' sampler gift was a give away??

Lara said...

Oooooohhhh, thanks SO much for the mention and all the kind words! We were totally chuffed to hear from some friends that we were mentioned on RRR too. Yay! Thank you!!


Lara (Ink & Spindle)

shula said...

Shazbutt. Just got all wanty over at Pear Tree Yarn.