Good Friday
Ok so I did actually finish my Easter branch! I actually started this project last Easter so it was good to get them done 12 months later. These things always look so easy in magazines, and fast! Not this project. between two layers of white paint, two layers of coloured paint, cutting out 24 little rabbits, gluing said rabbits, getting holes in the top and bottom of the eggs, estapolling, threading ribbon and putting them no the tree - well really it's a bit of a to-do and I don't recommend it for the time poor.

The addition of the crazy chicks has the youngest member of our house in a bit of an Easter frenzy. It's amazing what amuses a 16 month old.
today is all about cookies and place cards for Sunday lunch! Good Friday indeed.

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Anonymous said...

I wish you guys would sign-off or sumpin. I cant never figure out which lovely lady is speaking, until the other lovely lady comments. And I hate waiting.