Easter Thurs
When you make things for a living you are always a season ahead of everyone else. I've just finished my mothers day card catalogue and am already thinking about Fathers Day. Easter is a funny one. The fashion for sending Easter cards has passed but there is a last minute flurry as people put eggs on work colleagues desks, neighbours doorsteps and young relatives little hands so these do quite well in the end

At HML we don't often talk about our worky side, not wanting to make it a show and tell about us. But as Beck pointed out to me, it is about making, and well these designs are what I 'made' for Easter. As the season is now here I thought I'd show you.

that bottom rabbit's leg is a little wonky, the top two look like they are planning something dodgy, the middle one has managed to weirdly get all the eggs to stand on their ends. No matter, I liked them! Hope you do too.
I'll show you all the Easter craft projects tomorrow. Then I'll eat chocolate. Lindt Bunny please!

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cufflinks canada said...

Those are lovely Easter cards. I really admire anything hand made. Most of all, anything personalized is worth keeping.