Easter Tues
For someone who doesn't have too much disposable income I sure seem to have a pile of new books to cart up to bed with me at the moment. Bit of cooking, bit of fiction, bit of good craft, bit of bad craft. I know the cooking styles of Curtis Stone and Bill Grainger are pretty, well, boring but I have to feed a 16 month old boy, 15 year old girl, a 40 year old truck driving historian, my mother (age undisclosed) and myself every night. That's four generations, five hungry appetites. Sometimes simple food is the best. It's always a great day when the new McEwan comes out. I'm still devastated by On Chesil Beach. But what we really want to talk about is the craft right?
I know some people are a bit freaked out by the intarsia/ fair isle explosion that is Kaffe Fassett but I have to admit I love it. It's so crazy, so English (despite Fassett originally hailing from the US) and so DIFFICULT. when I worked at Craft Victoria there was a regular customer who came in wearing a full Kaffe hand knit coat which I was just blown away by. I'd attempt this amazing scarf  but it takes 23 colours and Rowan tweed is currently $15 a ball - you do the math. But I'll add it to my 12 book strong collection of his work.
As for this Felties madness I had to laugh when I read the disclaimer at the the beginning stating that these were not toys and shouldn't be given to children. Um ok, so I make them for myself then? Bury me with my Felties! Line the dashboard of my car with Felties! So Cute! So useless! does anyone have the time? This is the craft equivalent of beany babies. blech...
still I am making the pensive rabbit to wear as a brooch to Mass on Sunday. Fool that I am.
Thom and I are branch hunting this morning. These Easter chickens need a home  (at the moment they seem to be hiding in Thom's toybox).

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