have you got a square to spare?

We've had a brilliant long weekend here at HML HQ, not just becuase we've stuffed ourselves stupid on chocolate, hot cross buns and colomba but because we've made the most of the time together with our families doing family type things like gardening, cooking, playing and eating. We've also found out about the Save the Children Knit One Save One project, so we've started up our own 20x 20 square-a-thon to help them reach their targed of 80,000 squares. The plan is to put together 5,000 blankets for children in countries from India to Australia. (by the way those aren't our squares above, I've only just started to click clack in the post Buona Pasqua Italian mega feast haze this afternoon. Still expect to see a pile of similar proportions by the end of the week. Check out their blog here, where you can download how to knit pdf's, patterns, even instructions on how to put an entire blanket together at home, and let me tell you people some people have done some mighty fine blanket work. Take for example the story behind these 7 perfectly formed blankets from the knit one blog earlier this year. 

‘Mrs. Westley is 86 yrs old, almost completely blind, and has had one leg amputated due to poor circulation. Though almost completely bedridden, she knits the strips that these rugs are made of, changing colour when she has completed a square. To change colours she uses a strip of cardboard with a black mark to indicate the length of knitting needed to complete each square.’ Really if Mrs. Westley can crank out seven blankets I'm sure we can get at least one done. The gauntlet has been thrown down. Current count stands at 34,000 squares knitted, so let's get cracking!


beck said...

I'm loving this project! Perhaps I shall suggest it to our craft group next Monday and see who is interested in getting some square action happening. Mrs Westley sounds like a helluva gal, what an inspiration. Thanks for posting about this ace cause x

Emma said...

Oi Geezers, do they have to be knitted? Any chance I could crochet them?

Anonymous said...

Hi Emma. You can indeed crochet them!
Thanks for your support of our project.
Save the Children