good hair day

We love Chris Rock and we love big hair, and we're both partictularly fond of Eddie Murphy's Afro Sheen stylings in perennial non ratings period friday night movie of the week Coming to America. So understandably we're also VERY excited about Good Hair, a documentary about the whys, wheres, how to's and major controlling interests in the multi million dollar US hair industry.

Given that the film is produced, narrated and stars Chris Rock, is directed by newly minted Melbournian and thinking woman's crumpet Jeff Stilson it's pretty much a sure bet for inclusion in our top ten films of 2010.  Currently screening at ACMI until April 21, it's definately one you don't want to miss. And don't be surprised if you see us next sporting some seriously dodgy corn rows. Click here to watch the trailer, and check out screening times.

somewhere over the rainbow

Second show of the week comes from Melbourne illustrator and textile designer Beci Orpin. I am the first to admit to a huge amount of professional envy of what has become the Beci Orpin empire: adults and kids clothing lines, brilliantly varied international design client list, endless projects with the super hip, old skool dj hubbie, great lookin' kids... and she seems able to do all this busy ball juggling effortlessly. So you can see where i'm coming from on the envy front. She's also a seriously major local talent. A new exhibition of works, becomingly titled The Infinite Shape of Rainbows opens next week at Lamington Drive next week. I know we usually only put on things happening this week, but her shows sell out fast, and we think she's worth investing in. So we're putting you all on notice. You have been warned.

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