Yesterday with my fellas I drove down the Healesville to visit one of my stockists Morris Brown. Owners Louise and Jenny have a lovely shop full of craft and design goodness including my paper flowers which look pretty in their space. It was a good chance to unwind after what has been a hectic working week.
Beck had told me that we would love Healesville and its surrounds and she was right! It was only half way there I remembered the anniversary of the Black Saturday fires this weekend. It felt particularly poignant as the heavens opened up mid morning, cooling everything after a three day heat wave.
My family is planning a treechange one day. Maybe we'll move into the new exhibition building! (HML regional headquarters).
Take a drive to the country soon. Have lunch, buys some produce (or in our case aged porterhouse, tea towels, pickled garlic and a lovely breakfast of fresh eggs and toast soldiers!) inject a little cash into these beautiful little towns.
We saw the road signs to Kinglake and Marysville further on. It was a quiet drive home in the rain.

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Georgie Love said...

Healesville is closer to me than the city and often I will pop up there (about 30 mins or less for me) for a crafty afternoon shopping. It's lovely.