The ladies of HML are big fans of the Sticky Institute so we want to give a shout out to their Festival of the Photocopier. We also want to encourage you scribblers out there to stretch yourselves creatively and participate in Target 168.We thought we might have a crack at it. You start making your zine this Saturday after receiving your secret special ticket that needs to be incorporated as proof, and deliver your zine in all its glory to the Fair the following Saturday - 168 hours later (geddit?)! -everyone who makes one gets a copy of everyone elses - extending the zine love nationwide! Zines will also be available at the Fair for all to purchase (that's the 13th- more about that later) - look out for your HML 168 tome there (we hope). Wish us luck.
Register your interest by Thursday peeps by emailing stickyshop@gmail.com

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