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If you're anything like us, reading uber hip interiors magazines can sometimes leave you a little, well, cranky. While we love the beautiful photography and droolworthy interiors sometimes the incredibly good looking, super neat peeps with smug expressions, clean surfaces and even cleaner co-ordinating designer threads inhabiting them invite you to give them a slap rather than round of applause. We think those at Unhappy Hipsters feel the same, although their slap comes in the form of  some very witty, sardonic sub-editing... which of course we love even more. For example:

We’re not ready to go out there yet, honey. And besides, didn’t I do a pretty good job bringing the outside in? (Photo: Christopher Sturman, Dwell, November 2009)

Well aware of her ability to unnerve house guests, she’d become scarily self-possessed. (Photo: Philippe Munda; Dwell, June 2004)


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collectingfeathers said...

Very funny. I can't show my husband that blog because he has been criticizing my obsession for interior mags for years...and made very similar comments. It will merely prove him right, and we don't want that!
Thanks for dropping by my blog.