The last 6 months I have been experimenting with making paper and fabric flowers which is something I used to do as a kid but have only recently found myself recently drawn back to. crepe, butcher, tissue and copy paper have been flying - as has felt, linen, cotton and the most traditional silk. My latest offering is humble newsprint which works extremely well and has the added bonus of giving the flowers a bit of a graphic feel to them...

We have a lovely friend visiting this afternoon so last night I made her this posy of newsprint -hope she likes it. It's amazing how much colour is in the paper these days!

The house looks like a demented florist has escaped from the loony bin and taken up residence in the dining room. Don't worry I will resist the temptation to spray them with perfume for realism- because quite frankly that is just weird.

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handmadelife said...

now this is a MUCH more interesting (and elegant) way to catch up on the news Ramona!
x beck