Day 1

When funds are tight at this time of year it's good to build in lots of little traditions and rituals. For some reason this always makes Christmas feel more opulent than it really is. The season officially starts today with the first window of the Advent Calendar opening (and the first day of summer!)

instead of one of those weird cardboard ones you buy at the supermarket (don't worry we have that one too!) I lined one shelf of the hutch with 24 jars each with their own glittered number (thanks Martha)and a lolly or two in each jar. It's the first decoration of Christmas in the house!

Mind you I have know idea what Maggie B is going to put her lemon curd in, or my famous spicy nut mix, or Alan B's pickle extravaganza...I've used every single jar in the house! And why I have so many teapots is a mystery to me...

1 comment:

handmadelife said...

oh for a solid teapot filled hutch...
instead of a line up of dodgy ikea cupboards filled with equally dodgy china