My brother the school teaching DJ is currently in Tokyo living it up in the land of high fashion, higher buildings, exquisite cuisine and ridiculously good crafting supplies I am making do back here in Northcote with the ACMI Japanese Film Festival. While it might not be a compeltely satisfactory replacement, it will at least buy me some time to eat second rate sushi in a cool dark room away from the Christmas madness that has swallowed most of Melbourne whole... and at the moment i'll take those moments wherever I can get them!

On my must see list is Detroit Metal City (of course) which is a live action adaptation of a popular manga series that sees a shy and gentle musician pay the bills by becoming the front man for a death metal band called 'Detroit Metal City'. Sounds like heaven. It's on tonight at 7.45

And The Handsome Suit,  A talented yet unattractive and socially awkward man unlucky in love who discovers a magical suit that instantly transforms him into a hunk. Suddenly women are flocking to him and he scores a modelling job in Tokyo's coveted fashion scene. But leading a double life is hard, and ultimately Ohki must choose which persona will bring him true happiness - oh the complexity of this conundrum! What will our hero do? This little gem is screening at 8.40pm Tuesday night.

Both sound Unmissable.

13th Japanese Film Festival at ACMI
until the 8th of December so you've only got three days left!
check here for a complete list of fims and screening times


Anonymous said...

both movies very very good...i am jealous tHAT YOU WILL see them with subtitles as i had to make do with my shithouse japanese ability

Beck said...

thanks for the hot tip sweet sistah... unfortunately i ended up missing detroit metal city so now i'll be watching it sans subbies and with you explaining the plot to me via (lost in) translation...