King of the blues

Just in case you had'nt noticed we're BIG fans of Vipoo Srivilasa's work. We consider him our very own ceramic high-camp hero. Who else could so seamlessly combine the worlds of commerce, pop culture and tradition in complex narratives of particularly modern maladies and not lose his sense of humour along the way?

In this latest exhibition Vipoo creates miniature kindgdoms where the Louis Vuitton logo happily nestles alongside traditional thai motifs to decorate dishes, and barcodes, the three eyed springfield fish and uber glam mermen and mermaidens sit together all whispering their stories into our very willing ears. Really people this is one definately worth making the trip over the Yarra for.

Vipoo Srivilasa Indigo Kingdom
Until December 23
Anna Pappas Gallery (formerly Uber Gallery)
2-4 Carlton Street Prahran
Tuesday to Friday 10-6
Saturday 12-6


Well people here's just another reminder that it's almost time to ho ho ho again. Kick Gallery in Northcote is once again showcasing the best of their wardrobe full of arteets in the annual t-shirt exhibition. My brother has literally recieved a t-shirt from this exhibition come pop-up shop every year for the past six years, and this year will be no different. Ooh and this year apparently there is also some special kind of secret squirrel selection out the back. Get in before there's only bright yellow tees in weird sizes left!

Note: This particular t-shirt below features a design by the all over town man Dylan Martorell that actually won't be in the show, however there will be others by him for sale - along with the rest of the usual Northcote hipster arteest set. Sorry peeps, we just liked the pic and the wood panelled backdrop.

T-shirt Sale @ Kick Gallery
Daily until Christmas.
239 High St, Northcote.
Kick Gallery Warehouse,
52 Eastment St Northcote (out the back)


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Thank youuuuu :)

handmadelife said...

our pleasure vipoo!!!;)