rumble in the jumble...

For those of you that have been under a rock or have just beamed in from outerspace here's the news. Miss PenPen is hosting another super studio sale tomorrow, yes that's right people TOMORROW!!!

The hot goss however is that aside from the lovely dresses, coats, cushions, clocks, quilts and other assorted bibs and bobs you'd expect to see on sale, she's also got VERY busy with clutter clearing her craft cupbaords. So, if you've ever wanted the chance to get your hands into Miss P's awesome stash of haberdash. Saturday December 12 is the day (again people that is TOMORROW) From 10am til 4pm rummage away to your heart's content in a mountain of golden craft detritus. Really for that reason alone it's an opportunity too good to miss.
But wait, there's more...

If you too have left the christmas shopping until the last minute there will also be discounted goodies from the super talented and lovely ladies of Iggy and Loulou, Milly Sleeping and of course the good wood from Dell Stewart.

AND...as you are probably aware, Ramona and I have been overcome with Martha Christmas Madness and so have spent the last month making decorations, cards and gift tags... all of which will also be going cheeep (yes that is a reference to bird inspired works and not just bad spelling).

Last time we spent our profits on new outfits by Miss P and accessories by Irene of I&L fame, and now with the new Milly Sleeping and Dell departments the likelihood that we'll be able to save enough of our profits to pay for our Yeah Yeah Yeah's tix is decreasing by the minute. We're excited and we'd love to see you there!!!

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Anonymous said...

The decorations are lovely, I hope there are some left by the time I finish work.