OK peeps. You have until 7pm to get your $40 ticket to the Seventh Gallery sale that's on tonight. We think this is possibly one of the funniest, funnest and coolest ways for a little artist run space to raise some much needed cashola and for punters to get that last minute totally unique gift for their beloveds.

So there are 100 artworks, 100 tickets. When the bell sounds punters will have to stampede, drinks in hand, to slap their sticker (ooo eerr) on their artwork of choice. Best $40 you'll spend this month!

I'm hoping that artist Adrian Conti will have something from this series tucked in the farthest corner of the gallery- I like a challenge!I suspect it's going to be like the running of the bulls...


lauren said...

i lost my wallet this afternoon and my main concern was that my ticket to an artwork was in it!! the gals at seventh took pity on me, i muscled into a queue and got a super-duper artwork. plus 2 lucky peeps got to take home works of mine! selling art should be more fun like this i reckon :D

ps - merry xmas ladies. if i don't catch you beforehand, here's to a toasted-marshmallow of a xmas break for you and your brood.

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